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The emotional way (EQ)

Me and the other. The emotional way is about the manner in which we shape the emotional development, and thus how we are able to connect with our environment. Emotional intelligence and development are a prerequisite for being able to guide ourselves and our environment, from within our hearts and our own strength.

Central questions in this context are (for example):
  • How can I create more cooperation and synergy between the different people in my team / organization?
  • How can I be better connected with my intuition and develop sustainable relationships, thereby making the right choices?
  • How can I "open up to others", in such a manner that there is a way set-up to gain creativity and innovation?
  • How can I, from self-awareness and self-knowledge, meet the other person and thus influence things?

Result: does this person have knowledge of his or her own system and behavioural patterns? Is he or she self-aware, so that he or she is able to choose a behaviour, instead of having an impulse behaviour?