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The spiritual way (SQ)

The spiritual or mental Q involves inspiration, intuition and inspiration. It is an access to intuitively felt wisdom. This Q relates to 'vocation' or 'purpose', an aspect that goes beyond the boundaries of the ego. This dimension is about the purpose and the intrinsic motivation.

Central questions in this context are (for example):
  • What inspires me and how do I connect with the goal the organization stands for
  • How do I inspire people and how do I create good conditions, that allow my leadership to exceed at all levels in the organization? And to emerge and give the best of myself?
  • what is my 'purpose' and how can I remain true to it, even when pressure is exercised on me from so many different angles?
  • How can I found out what my passion or dream is within my work? And use it, to be able to come to creativity?

Result: does this person have inspirational leadership, passion at home and does he act with passion and inspiration?