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Leadership Development

What are ‘good’ leaders? Opinions go around, saying that leadership is not developable and that it simply has to be part of someone (or not). Pontes, on the contrary, does not share that opinion. We believe that leadership is at the basis of everyone. From the experience of the basis, we find it a satisfying challenge to start working with someone that has the potential to become a leader. We will work together with you, so that you are able to attain the growth and development of a leader. Our central premise is “to help and coach all persons into becoming  leaders whom they never thought they could be”. Pontes New Horizons specializes in tailor-made programs for intensive and sustainable leadership development. Programs that we always develop together with you and in which Explore, Experience and Execute are central.

A.     Leadership programs

1. Explore -

We develop the leadership profile together with the client (an individual or an organization): what is needed in the field of leadership and its development? What does that mean? We help you answer all these questions and make this insightful through an analysis, whereby we ensure connection with your mission, vision and strategy. And of course we make a direct connection in leading and coaching your organization into the practices of daily life.

2. Experience -

Let’s get started! In very intensive meetings we go on a journey in which the development of your leadership will take place. A journey with impressive experiences and learning moments. You will gain new knowledge and new insights. You will reflect on yourself in the past, the present and the future. You gain practical experience by working on concrete projects with other participants. If possible and if it fits in the schedule, you will be able to go on a leadership trip. On this trip, you will grow to an influential person and a complete leader. It is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. The experience will not only make you better, but also your organization, your customers and your team members. You will grow from all Q's: in knowledge, in emotional intelligence, in better balance; physically and mentally and in your own personal leadership about daily situations.

3. Execute -

Our goal is for you to attain personal leadership. That’s why the practice of daily life is the big test to see if you have attained personal leadership. Are you able to show all the knowledge and the insights that you gained during the practices of everyday life? We will continue to help and support you where necessary and possible. Nevertheless, we will also let you go since you have to do it by yourself and show that you are capable of being on your own. We work on leaders who are able to constantly reflect on their own development and performance and who can anticipate change in the environment of all day. You are able to share all the gained experiences with others, with customers and with the outside world. In this way, they will inspire others as well. Our leadership trainers and coaches also guide the leaders in this last step, in which they eventually let them go and give them the success they deserve.


B.  Leadership Journeys: Tavel - Trails - Projects

 “study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” - Frank Lloyd Wright

 Pontes New Horizons Leadership Journeys are learning experiences that take place in and with the nature. A New Horizon focuses on the development of organizations, leaders, and teams by literally taking a trip. In Leadership Journeys and Team Journeys, (together with leaders and teams of organizations), we look for the factors that help us to develop ourselves as a leader and thus participte in building a better world.

We live in a time of continuous change. A turning point in the history of mankind, where we face enormous challenges and issues that we cannot solve in the blink of an eye. Profit maximization, return and output are no longer the only parameters for successful organizations and their leaders. Social, technological, ecological and sustainability issues are becoming increasingly decisive in our point of view of the future. This requires leaders to have a transformation that is unprecedented. It is necessary to pay attention to the "purpose" in ourselves and to issues that we are not always used to dealing with. The world what is increasingly confronted with issues, where we can no longer run away from. Pontes New Horizons facilitates people and organizations in entering into this journey where issues can be dealt with and changes are established in a positive manner.

We have developed an approach that helps and empowers leaders to take the step into the future An approach that leads to a sustainable transformation. From old leadership to new leadership.

Our approach starts with awareness. Awareness of yourself and awareness of the context in which you live and work. Firstly we will make the step to your "purpose". Thereby it is necessary to make the connection between your own "purpose", that of your organization and that of society, thereby focusing on a new future. For this purpose, we have developed a model based on the 5 "Qs. From SQ (Spiritual Intelligence - what is my "purpose" and meaning) to EQ (Emotional Intelligence). From FQ (Physical Intelligence - how do I stay energetic and charged) to IQ (the use and growth of my knowledge and skills). If these 4 Q's are in balance, the XQ (Execution Force) increases exponentially. All these elements are discussed in our leadership terms. Especially the teachings of John Milton (spiritual practice in Nature) are leading in our journeys.

Allow nature to re-open your senses. Rediscover your dreams and your ideals. Where are you today? Where do you want to go? Work on your own development and growth in a personal or/and professional manner. Rediscover yourself by being one with nature.

What to expect?

We guide trails and journeys for both individuals and teams. The trails and journeys range from 3-5 days to 12 days, in which you travel to distant countries and areas. The trails and journeys are suitable for people of all levels (fitness). From our base camp in Chamonix, we start our leadership trails and journeys. We come together in Chamonix to get to know each other, to investigate where we stand for and where we want to go.

Trails always have the same basic elements: we walk to a base camp and explore intentions. We offer several walks and exercises in nature. You will be sharing (personal) stories, lifelines and insights at the campfire. You will furthermore also maintain time for personal reflection.


A solo experience in nature is a central part of a trail. Being one with nature, having only the basic necessities with you, will take your mind away from all interaction stimuli. This can be the catalyst to take your self-awareness to a next level, whereby you become a better (personal) leader.


The trail principles of John Milton (way of nature) are central here:

  • Simplicity: We tend to overcomplicate the world and our work. Nature's simplicity puts your challenges into perspective.
  • Silence: There’s power in silence. It creates space for intuition. It helps you see, think and feel things differently. Solutions emerge without effort.
  • Stretch: Break out of your comfort zone, in a challenging, and safe, environment. 
  • Synthesis: Feel your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects connect. Use this connection to become a better leader.

The trials or journeys can yield a lot, including:

• A calm mind, being in balance with your body

• A stronger connection with your body

• All your senses are wide open again

• Deep reflection on your experiences so far, and where you want to go in your next step

• New perspectives thanks to your fellow travelers

• New skills or depth, such as meditation and mindfulness

And all this in just a short time frame ....


Leadership trails and Journeys are always in remote and inspiring nature reserves.

We currently offer the trials and journeys in the following areas:

-          Norway
-          Scotland
-          Spain
-          Alps (France - Switzerland - Italy)
-          Bhutan
-          Nepal
-          Tanzania (Kilimanjaro)
-          Patagonia
-          Rocky Mountains
-          Botswana
-          South Africa

If you have other areas in mind, please let us know. We can travel with you anywhere in the world.


All our trails and journeys are accompanied by Pontes New Horizons certified facilitators and certified wilderness guides. They are trained and specialized to sustain a safe route during the trial or the journey. And of course, they will get more out of the trail or journey than you ever imagined ...