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Organizational Development

The connection between the growth of people and the development of your organization is crucial. We often see a focus on structure on the one hand and culture on the other. We believe more in the connection between both aspects. The one reinforces the other. Culture and Structure are in our opinion the Yin and Yang of every organization.

Forming and developing a sustainable successful organization, based on the ideas of a working organization, is one of our specialties. Our approach, in which we involve all aspects of organizational development, has a proven track record in both profit and non-profit organizations.

1.       Explore-

Together with the customer, we explore the way to the future. We challenge you to not only walk the familiar road. We encourage you to go further than you ever imagined. We agree on goals and together we explore a new road to reach those goals. We look where you are now. On that basis we make choices. Where does this trip require structural interventions? Where is it necessary that people continue to grow and develop. Where is the balance between structure and culture? That is what we call "unlock organizational potential". Our "6 success factors approach” enables us to continually monitor whether we are on the right track and where necessary to adjust that track. Step 1 and 2 of our approach are explicitly present at this stage: 1."Navigate" and 2."Inspire"

2.       Experience-

Together with you and your organization we will work on a growth process that continues to rise until it had reached its highest point. For this we have consultants, facilitators, coaches, interim managers and project managers at our disposal. We use what we think is necessary, but of course always in consultation with you. An important starting point is that you always remain the head actor of your an organization, not us. We take responsibility and are of course accountable for the results. We challenge you and constantly stimulate you. We make analyzes, give advice, and take steps for where our help is needed. We work together with you towards establishing an organization that is capable of further developing itself. We do this by connecting people and structures with each other. Steps 3, 4 and 5 of our approach are explicitly present at this stage: 3."Embrace", 4."Find the passion" and 5."Open".

3.       Execute-

Every organization always strives for growth and improvement. We can make the most fantastic plans, but ultimately it's all about realization. New insights are embraced, precedented thinking is improved and we will bring new energy into your organization. That energy gives people the power to step into the future with confidence and passion. The new NOW is actually the future. The last 2 steps in our approach ensure real Execution: "on the way to a High Performance Organization, arisen from the philosophy of Employeneurship".