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Team Development

Forming and developing successful teams has proven to be one of the most important factors in the realization of goals within organizations.

Pontes New Horizons has more than 20 years of experience in successfully coaching and developing teams. Our team coaches facilitate, guide, mirror and confront where necessary. They all have management experience or are still a professional within the management. When the time is right for the team coach to withdraw, he or she will do so immediately. This happens when the team is ready to show ownership (goal of employeneurship) and to work together as a high performance team.


We provide 3 steps for the teams into becoming a High Performance Team:

1.       Explore -

Together with the client, we first make an assessment of what is required in the relevant situation: this is usually done by carrying out a team analysis, drawing up a definition of the desired team profile and determining a route, the journey that is necessary for this.


2. Experience -

Together with the team we will work on the growth process by letting the team members experience themselves as individuals and themselves as part of the team. The team will gain awareness, insight, experience and reflection on cooperation. Pontes team coaches are focused on developing this awareness process with a team, so that Pontes enables the team to "go further in cooperation than they ever thought was possible". We help a team to understand its own potential and to stimulate it to discover new ways. This is all enabled by letting fun and performance flow together. Our starting point is always "experiential learning", where we let the team experience where things are going well and where they can or should go better. In this way, the team is able to get better and better in managing its own growth process. Eventually the team will take ownership for its own development and performance.


3. Execute -

In this phase, the team members will turn their knowledge into practice. They will take the step of knowing and wanting to a next level by doing something with their knowledge and desire. As it shows, team processes are complex and they require time but also commitment. All the steps which we have already taken, make the team ready for turning those steps into practice. Now and in the future. We work on teams that are able to continuously reflect on their own development and performance. We create teams that are able to turn all the learned tricks into real life practice. This is established not solely by looking what’s on the inside and working on their own team, but also by sharing all these experiences with other teams, with clients and with the outside world. And that’s how High Performance Teams come to life: teams that take responsible ownership for its results and for the people. Our team coaches also guide the team in this last step, as they will eventually let go of the team and give it the success it deserves.