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Hiring the right people, as well as developing the current staff, is curcial for every organisation to be and stay successful. Pontes assessment applies an unique asessment method wherein Pontes thinks and handles from the central premise of employeneurship.
The central premise of employeneurship is that effectiveness in life, work, behaviour, communication and performance increases when one makes him- or herself responsible for his or her own living and working conditions.

The assessor provides the analysis (through several tests), refelction, sparring (our professionals all have detailed knowledge of very domain and senior experience in a particular discipline) and when necessary, the confrontation. Every time when the individual improves him- or herself, we are there to map his or her improvements. In this way we can objectify and draw up the goal of the person in question as good as possible. We do this according to the intelligence factor Q in which we translate the profile; the talents, the qualities and the points of development are thereby enhanced in the best way possible. 

This can be established through a short, medium, or long assessment on either individual or collective level. It all depends on the goal that you wish to achieve as an individual or organisation.

In the Explore phase, we will set up an inventory of what you would like to measure in the concerning conditions. This will be established at the hand of the Intelligence factor Q.

In the Experience phase the concerning professional will undergo the assessment procedure.

In the Execute phase we will help by providing a clear report, analysis and comprehensive feedback. In this way the professional and the client can interprete in a just way the conclusions of the assessment. Both from a selection as well as from a development point of view.

What can we do for you?:
  • Selection assessment
  • Career Check Up, development assessment
  • Team assessment
  • Organisation connection

If you need more information, please contact:
Pontes Assessment
Freek van Bedaf
E-mail: Freek.van.bedaf@pontesgroup.com