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Multiple intelligence

Employeneurship requires multiple intelligence Q's

IQ | development of the mental intelligence, the hard skills.

EQ | development of the emotional intelligenceontwikkeling van de emotionele intelligentie, de soft skills.

SQ | development of the spiritual intelligence, passion and motivation.

FQ | development of the physical intelligence, fitness and prioritisation.

XQ | executional power, showing your talents, unlock potential

Development of employeneurship does not require a one-dimensional approach for a specific competence, but calls for attention to the development of the 4 Intelligences (Q theory of multiple intelligence) and the competences that fall under each Q.

The Pontes-employeneurship profile uses the central premise that effectiveness in life, behaviour, communication, and performance, increases when one makes decision from within him- or herself thereby not being determined by surrounding environments. This means that the effectiveness increases, in life and work, when one makes him- or herself responsible for the situation in which he or she finds him- or herself. One’s behaviour depends on the decisions that one makes and not on the circumstances. Therefore, employeneurs can create something that they are responsible for at large and thus need to be able to have a certain knowledge, experience and position that fits the responsibility.

Explore, Experience, Execute