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FQ | fysieke intelligentie

“Take a minute: look at your goals, look at your performance, see if your behavior matches your goals.” ~ Kenneth H. Blanchard

FQ: development of the capacity to deal with the internal system (work life balance and health), the remote system and the outside system (prioritization and the ability to control boundaries).

Requires development of the competences:
  • Anticipation: the extent to which the person in question knows how to improvise under pressure and changing situations. As well, the ability to control or consciously let go of the pressure and the changing situations.
  • Focus: the extent to which the person in question, works in a focused and concentrated way to be able to achieve his or her goal, thereby not being distracted by issues that may occur in the surrounding environment.
  • Self-management: the extent to which the person in question, is able to show and take action to achieve a goal, thereby consciously setting priorities and showing perseverance, even under pressure or difficult circumstances.
  • Responsibility: the extent to which the person in question, is driven by a strong internal motivation. He or she has the conviction that he or she can influence the own success, thereby being committed to achieve and improve the own goals by him- or herself.

Touching the Void
control / perseverance/ strength/ boundaries/ trust / goals / creativity
This documentary combines interviews with re-enacted scenes to tell the true story of a bizarre survival journey.