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Pontes New Horizons facilitates the (intrinsic) movement and the innovation that is needed for teams and organizations to attain.

Employeneurship, in all its facets, offers a successful framework for this.
Employeneurship is established through the “5 Q model”. This model is based on an humanity approach. The focus of Pontes New Horizons is to support a team and an organization in their development to become more entrepreneurial.

In the Explore phase, an analysis will be made upon which a frame is sketched in which instances the development is most favorable.

Experience phase: employeneurship is not something that you can learn from reading a book. Instead, it requires the engagement of a process within yourself and the experiences that take place from the development within yourself. That’s the core of Pontes New Horizons. Therefore, in the experience fase, Pontes will facilitate the individual or the organization in attaining and establishing a process of change.
In the Execute phase, Pontes will help the individual or the organization with applying the right tricks and the creation of new thinking and behavioural patterns that will lead to a successful change.

What are we able to provide for you?

Organizational Development
Team Development
Leadership Development

For more information, please contact:
Pontes New Horizons
Richard Westbroek
076-5151811 of +31651940812
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