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“Do everything with your heart and soul and your life and work will succeed. However it is necessary to keep inventing new goals, choices and challenges, either big or small ones, especially new goals. Keep making choices from the NOW: "Happiness can only be found in the here and now" Confucius

If we are waiting for something to happen, we are unhappy at that moment. We rather want something else than what we are doing now, we want to somewhere else than where we are now. But if we focus on the here and now, we will be much happier. People with that mindset have a tendency to remain happy under every circumstance. Therefore it is of importance to be responsible for your own life and take your life and career in your own hands, starting from the existing situation. How is this possible?
Employeneurship provides a succesful frame in all its facets.

In the Explore phase we will make an inventory of the total profile of the coachee: this is established on the hand of the 5 Q model (doorklik), but also tht underlying patterns, opinions and the mindset of the coachee will be taken into consideration.

In the Experience phase we will facilitate the coachee in structuring and undergoing the process of change to showing more employeneurship.

In the Execute phase we will help the individual or the organisation with applying what has been learnt, with creating new thinking and behavioural patterns, that will lead to a succesful change.

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