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Who we are

We live in an era where social, technological and cultural changes are accelerating more than ever before. Motivation for social life and work has grown stronger during the past decade and has reached its highest point as for now. It requires a lot for individuals as well as organisations to be able to keep that motivation in check. What is therefore needed? Employeneurship

First of all employeneurship is a mindset that places confidence in the increasement of happiness, success and satisfaction in life and work when someone is making him- or herself responsible for his or her own development. Not solely taking on easy challenges but also being able to take on obstructive patterns and obstacles.

Furthermore employeneurship can be seen as a set of effective behavioral patterns, a structure, a method to be able to obtain personal development or the development of corresponding organisations.

At last employeneurship is a display of the evolution of the motivation of the (working) human and its changing work relations.

Pontes wants to make employeneurship accessible for everyone. Thereby inspiring and challenging humanity and corresponding organisations to discover, to develop, to experience and to utilize employeneurship.

This is Pontes’ main goal!

"If you want to be happy or successful, you have to do something that makes you happy or successful – Johan Cruijf"

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