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Pontes Trusted Advisors

The importance of an advisor, a Trusted Advisor, in business services is huge. Precisely now that digitization predominates.

A person or organization with specific knowledge and expertise that you can rely on, that you can trust and that is there for you when you need him or her.

To have an impact as a consultant in the current (digital) era, there is more to it than the use of knowledge and expertise. It requires more and more maneuverability, delivering at the right time what is needed at that moment. The Trusted Advisor 2.0.

Employeneurship in all its facets offers a successful framework for this.

In the Explore phase we measure the potential of an advisor in the relevant context.
In the Experience phase we facilitate the individual, team or organization in structurally entering into and living through the process of change to being a Trusted Advisor 2.0.
In the Execute phase we help with the application of all the learning, in the creation of new thinking and behavior patterns, leading to successful change.

What can we do for you?

A: training offer "From advisor to Trusted Advisor 2.0" both open training and customization

B: Customization Selection and development assessments at individual, team or organization level in the field of Trusted Advisor 2.0

C: Individual and team-oriented development trajectories in the field of Trusted Advisor 2.0 in which, for example, the dynamics between the departments are discussed

D: We are your Trusted Advisor for recruitment and selection purposes

E: Interactive workshops and business games

F: Interim Management where all facets can be discussed

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Pontes Trusted Advisors
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